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What is considered an emergency service call?

Summer weather is here and in South Florida it’s warm year round. You may be running your AC all the time and you want to be sure that the system is working correctly. But what happens if it’s not? It’s very hot, your air conditioning system is acting up, and you want to contact someone but it’s late and you aren’t confident this is considered an AC emergency that comes with an upcharge. You might know that AC Repair Key Biscayne is always available for emergency AC repair, but what actually is considered a 24 hour AC repair emergency? And what will it cost?

Keep in mind that you can always call AC Repair Key Biscayne Air Conditioning for all your AC service needs anytime day or night. Our team of experts can come out and service your air conditioning system when it’s convenient for you. We let you decide if a technician is needed right away or you can wait until the next day for a service visit.

When deciding whether or not an emergency visit is needed, you should consider the following problems before deciding on the type of visit you need. If your unsure, simply give us a call and we will help you in determining the urgency.

Strange Sounds

When your AC is making strange noises such as a screeching noise, it’s clearly an indication there is a problem. It could be that a fan belt has come loose. To avoid this situation, proper maintenance should be conducted that will keep your system running noise free. When compressors are operating with a high level of pressure, they produce a strange, screeching noise. Compressor issues could lead to a system failure and further problems if the problem is ignored. If the noise continues or seems to be getting worse, you should shut down the system and call AC Repair Key Biscayne for an air conditioner emergency ac repair.

Strange Smells

Whenever you smell a burning odor, it can be caused by an overheated unit. This may be caused by an electrical problem that can produce heat causing the unit to heat up or completely burn out. If you find that the unit smells like it’s burning, you should contact AC Repair Key Biscayne right away to schedule an emergency service visit.

No Air Flow

If your air conditioning unit does not start and you cannot feel air coming out of the vents, it means that the system is not running. The problem may be a thermostat, bad blower motor and perhaps the entire AC system has finally reached it’s end of life. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your AC fixed, sometimes simple failures can lead to greater problems resulting in additional expenses to repair the unit. Waiting may also put the air quality in your home at risk to you and your family members. Not having a working AC on a warm night may be needed for a 24 hour emergency service request.